Welcome to NewAgeApps

We’re currently Under Construction….


 But if we had it all together – we wouldn’t need you, would we? 

So, grab your tool kit, and come on board.

Together we can do it!


You are now entering the NewAgeApps, Stealth ICO, Proving Ground and Recruitment Station.  May you never be the same….

If you are a Charity, go here – learn all about the Investment Club for Charity, and CauseFunding.

If you are an expert in Blockchain and/or developing ICO’s, go here – learn about what may be the next big innovation – as disruptive as Blockchain.

If you are a Speculator, go here – a successful ICO = Token Profits.  [You are going to have to admit, that this ICO is really different.  What if…?]

If you are a Hard Money Advocate, go here – a Stable Cryptocurrency based on real value.

If you are a Libertarian, go here – Governance without Force.

If you are a Patriot, go here – the Founder’s Constitution rules.

If you are a Communist, go here – Dictatorship of the Proles (but without the Force, please).

If you are a Ronist, go here – confront the 8-Division Organizing Structure.

If you are a DIYer, and just want to help, go here – just by Flicking a Switch. [As yet to be written admission of vacuity.  Plus, Archimedes’ “Give me a lever and a place to stand and I will move the world.”]

If you are curious about the mechanics of the Matrix-8 Platform, go here – Valorie’s Kids, and 8X8X8…, and here for Fractals.  [MLG as a Fractal]

If you want to know who we are, go here – Smile in the Mirror [the Who We Are chapter from The Book], HumanNatarchy Manifesto, and the My Declaration of Independence.

If you are a skeptic, and want to find out why it couldn’t work go here –

And if you’re ready to stop fooling around, and get to work, go here – sign up for the Chatroom.

Let’s concentrate on what all of us want, and ignore our differences for now.  How about, Democracies without Corruption, and a Civilization without War, as goals just for starts?  Together we can do it!